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Debbie Davis Karr
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THE WALLDOGS - June 2009 - Pontiac, IL
We joined the Walldogs in Pontiac IL in June 2009. 18 murals were painted in the city in 4 days by over 150 sign painters & artists from around the world. The 'Weekly Sentinel' wall was lead by Nancy Bennett, founder of the Walldogs organization. I was honored that she asked me to be on her team.

I will be hosting a Walldog event in my hometown of Plymouth WI in June 2011. Click on the Walldogs button to find out more about the upcoming event & to see all their fabulous murals.
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Art, Murals, Portraits

Art, Murals, Portraits
by Debbie Davis Karr

The Walldogs came to my hometown, Plymouth, Wisconsin
June 22-26, 2011 & painted 21 Murals in 4 Days!!!

I became a Walldogs Host & for 2 years, I planned with the city of Plymouth & the Walldogs project leaders to paint 21 murals.

Unless you attend a Walldog meet or have the Walldogs come to your hometown
you can't imagine the feeling you walk away with.

I've included a number of pictures here to show how the murals turned out
& the project leaders responsible for the design. They are incredibly awesome!

Enjoy the pictures, then click on the link to get to the Walldogs website
to learn more about this highly rated group of talented artists.

The American Legion is proud of its accomplishments and will be proud that the mural for veterans to be placed on the north wall of their building depicting insignias from every branch of service. For God & CountryDesigned by David & Suzie Butler from Syracuse IN owns & operates Butler Design Agency established in 1972.Andrew Carnegie was often referred to as the ‘Patron Saint of Libraries.’ Sixty Wisconsin communities were the recipients of 63 public library grants from Andrew Carnegie. One of the original libraries still in use is the Plymouth Public Library.Designed by Nancy Bennett from Centerville, IA. Nancy is the founder of the Walldogs organization. Nancy & her husband Dan own and operate Dannco, Inc., a global sign, screen printing, and sporting goods company specializing in custom outfitting for schools, businesses and individuals. In 1946, Harry Chaplin opened the airport as Chaplin Airpark. Many interesting people fl ew through the airport while doing business in the Plymouth area.Designed by Sonny Franks - Sonny has been a sign painter since a summer job in 1969. Sonny started his business while a student at Clemson, printing T-shirts and painting signs located inear Atlanta GA.The Wisconsin Cheese Exchange was established in Plymouth in 1918 with its roots dating back to 1879. In the early days, cheese was bought directly from several factories & assembled for packaging & distribution by dealers. Designed by Bernie Poff - Bernie owns and operates Bernie’s Signs out of Prairie du Sac, Wis. Established in 1993, Bernie’s Signs offers everything – logo design, 3D signs, banners, window splashes, murals and more. The Cheese Derby Parade started in 1954 in honor of the city's major industry. A highlight of the celebration became the annual Cheese Derby parade, which featured ornate floats & typically drew dozens of bands not only from Wisconsin and the Midwest but throughout the United States & even Canada.Designed by Gary Anderson - Since 1971, Gary has owned and operated Bloomington
Design, llocated in the scenic southern Indiana hills, outside of Bloomington.History of the Churches - German Reformed Church - 1896; St. John the Baptist - 1861; Congregational Church - 1855; St. John’s Lutheran Church - 1858; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church - 1847Designed by Brad & Kit Bandow - Brad (Bandit) & Kit own & operate Brushfire Signs & have been serving southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois since 1998. Sheboygan County Fair - the Agricultural Association was organized and suitable land for a fairgrounds was located east of the city of Plymouth. The first fair was held at Plymouth in 1897.The mural, designed by artist David Petri, would be painted by children as well as adults. David needed to organize his time to include the children but also organize his time to work on completing the mural in 4 days.Designed by David Petri (Peach) from Green Bay, WI. Dave’s background includes art director, designer, signpainter, and pictorialist painter. Plymouth Brewing Co. - In 1903, the fi rm was known for the excellent quality of its beer and also for the manufacturing of malt. Plymouth Beer was shipped throughout Wisconsin and to many neighboring states. Designed by Bill & Jane Diaz - Bill details some of the final touches to the muralIn 1979, Bill & Jane formed Diaz Painting and Decorating in Pontiac, IL. Their sons Ben & Joe are also artists involved in the family business. Bill & Jane hosted the 2009 Walldog meet held in the hometown in Pontiac, IL. The approach to getting an image onto the wall as quickly as possible depends on a few things. Size of the mural, how high off the ground the mural will be, the equipment available to do the transfer. This one used projectors to project the image on the wall, then draw the image from the transfer.One of the sights seen during a Walldogs work in progress are the many lifts & scaffolding scattered throughout the city. This mural had four lifts working at one time.When Dairy State Bank opened in January of 1948, it joined Plymouth’s history of banking which had begun in 1873 – 4 years before Plymouth was even incorporated as a city. The bank’s first location was 55 Stafford Street.Designed by Noella Cotnam of Cornwall Ontario Canada. Noella is principal owner of Sign It, a custom sign shop in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The successes of her business led to a newly built design shop in November 2007. The Diaz family had an advantage; we had Bill & Jane on the Plymouth Brewery wall & theirs sons, Ben & Joe who designed the Hi-Ho Soda wall. Ben & Joe use another method of design transfer.Ben & Joe Diaz designed the mural with technology on their side. Ben’s specialty at Diaz Sign Art is production, does work on web design and bookkeeping. Joe Diaz specializes in logo design and web design.  The Hi-Ho Bottling Company was a locally owned Plymouth company that bottled carbonated beverages under its own private label.Up to the date May 8, 1845, the only inhabitants of what became known as the town of Plymouth, were occasional Indian tribes who migrated along the northern kettle moraine. The emigrants were from Togia County, New York. The leader of these travelers, Isaac Thorp, 57 years of age, was accompanied by his sons John and Stephan, and his son-inlaw William Bowen.  Carole Bersin, sole proprietor of Carole Bersin Painting,has been painting since she was a wee youngster and was thrilled to discover sign painting in the late 1980s as a way to make a living. The Plymouth Packing Co. processed and packaged food products for the local market, everything from canned vegetables to Plymouth Maid ketchup.Carol Kaufmann owns and operates Watseka Sign Co. located in Watseka, Ill., and has been providing outstanding quality signs since 1991. Carol believes that a sign is more than just a sign; it should be a work of art. Many of the project leaders who design the murals also create an original piece donated to the city to be sold at auction during the event. Here is Andy Goretski's painting of the Mill at the Dam Site.A grist mill was one of the essential enterprises in every new settlement on America’s frontier. With flour to make bread, the pioneer could feel at home even in a rude log cabin in Wisconsin’s wilderness. Susie DeGroff, local artist of Cascade, WI is painting the water & building details.Andy Goretski lives in Tomahawk, Wis., and has been in business as Custom Murals since 1984. As a wildlife painter, muralist, and commercial artist, his work has been primarily in hand painted graphics using art to enhance visual communication whenever possible. This image was located on a wall in a narrow alley. In order to project the image, the projector had to set in the house adjacent to the wall, project the image through an open window & then drawn onto the wall. We used the little girls crayons since the rain had begun to fall.Anhalt and Hostmann’s Plymouth Bottling Works - The latter half of the 19th century was a period of industrial growth in America, but limited transportation capabilities kept much of that industry localized. That was true of the bottled beverage industry, & Plymouth had several different bottlers.FranCisco Vargas operates his business, Studio Vargas, in Fresno, Calif. FranCisco has been painting signs and murals for the last 26 years. ‘Cisco’ as his friends call him, is a renowned sign artist born in Yakima, Washington.Plymouth Rocker & Phonograph Co. - Plymouth’s furniture industry flourished during the half century from 1880 to 1930 due to the plentiful supply of lumber initially & kept alive by the variety & diversity of quality products until the Great Depression brought the industry in Plymouth down at last.Adam May is a commercial artist from Mount Pulaski, IL. He & his wife Sarah first worked with The  Walldogs in 2004 as a host for the Land of Lincoln Walldogs in Lincoln, IL & have hosted other meets in Jacksonville, IL, & been project leaders in Algoma, WI, Minneapolis, MN & Pontiac IL.Our mural depicts one of the more famous trains to pass through Plymouth daily from the 1930s until 1952 – when steam was replaced by diesel. The train was called the Chippewa, and was pulled by a modern streamlined steam locomotive, designed by industrial designer Otto Kuhler. Dan Sawatzky is best described as a creative force in the sign industry. He & his wife Janis are owners of Imagination Corporation in Yarrow BC Canada specializing in the design & fabrication of themed signs & environments. As the oldest extant business in Plymouth, The Review has a history under its own name that started in 1895 and goes back even further when other papers with which it had connections are considered. Brent Logan has been a sign artist for more than 30 years. Originally from the midwest, Brent is a veteran of the very fi rst Walldog meet in Allerton, Iowa, in 1993. He has been involved in all phases of the sign and graphics industries and loves painting murals. Just four miles north of Plymouth lies Road America – a fourmile road course considered by the motorsports community as not only the best in the United States, but also one of the world’s premier race circuits. Ted Turner operates his home based studio with his wife Cathy, from Woodstock, IL, Ted has been doing custom paint, airbrushing, pin striping and motor sports graphics since 1987. In 1949, Leonard Gentine, a lover of good cheeses, started the Plymouth Cheese Counter, a cheese gift & mail order business. He became awareof a demand for Italian-style cheeses. He approached Joe Sartori & together in 1953 they formed a partnership with a name derived from their own names: SargentoRay Guzman owns & operates Hoboken Sign/BrainWaze Studio in Hoboken, N.J. Born in the Bronx, N.Y., Ray was nurtured in the rhythm of urban culture, the roar of Yankee Stadium, the rumble of the elevated subway tracks and the green oasis of the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The steamship “Finlandia” carried Paolo Sartori to America immigrating to Plymouth at the turn of the century. Determined to bring fine Italian cheesemaking to America, Paolo Sartori and Louis Rossini cofounded S&R Cheese in 1939. Michael Clark established Clark Signs in Aledo, IL, in 1983, capitalizing on his love for graphic design and in response to a local need for a sign and design specialist. Set amidst downtown Plymouth’s picturesque stock of ornate late 19th & early 20th century Victorian Queen Anne, Classic Revival Italianate business blocks, the red-roofed pagoda service station operated by Wadhams Oil & Grease Co. cut a figure of quite a different cloth.Scott Lindley, better known to his close friends as ‘Cornbread,’ is owner and operator for CSL Studios in Mt. Pulaski, IL. His fi rst meet with the Walldogs was in Jacksonville, IL, in 2006 and he has been a Walldog ever since. His most recent meet was in Danville, IL.Sporting distinctive bright redtile roofs, hanging lanterns, ornate towers, stained glass windows with a “W” under the gabled roof peaks & 8" thick yellow walls trimmed in black, Wadhams’ pagoda stations were an instant success and quickly became a familiar sight in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin.
In 2012, I was commissioned to paint a mural of an 1880's drugstore frontage. A black & white photo from the early 1900's was provided with the drugstore owner & his family standing in front. The mural project was once again located in my hometown, Plymouth, Wisconsin. The project was completed at the end of August 2012