This open & airy bathroom was the setting for playful dolphins.This bathroom has more than one mural. Two sets of dolphins creating an underwater sensation.This bathroom, with help from the mirror and it's odd shape (5 walls), turned into the tropical setting the client asked for.The mirror helps to reflect the infinite feel of the aqua waters & tropical vegetation.Close up of the palm treeThe photo was taken looking at the mirror. The image is on the rear wall. The doorway you see is also reflecting off the mirror & is the entry to the open air shower.
St. Augustine Lighthouse. The client wanted to see one of their favorite lighthouse settings INSIDE their cottage. The windows are inside looking out.Waves crashing in passed a rocky jettie.The scene continues across the wall capturing the incoming waves and the sunset sky. 8'X30'
Original Brick Oven Italian Pizzeria. The client wanted 'old world' images to create an 'old world' setting. This mural covered approx. 50ft. & is shown before the finishes were added to the restaurant.The final mural after booths and wall finishes were added.Located across from the mountainside scene are 7 archways with a view to the mediterranean. Pottery & draping flora help frame the arches.The arches continue to 18ft. A seasoned cement walkway, handrails and drop shadows give an illusion of depth.This mural is 7'X14' - you will see this mural upon entering the restaurant.This panoramic is a series of photos pieced together in order to represent the continuous feel of the scene.
12'X15' Tropical Scene- located at the Chamber of Commerce on Treasure Island, Florida.Artist, Debbie Davis Karr standing in front of the mural to give it scale. Note the outlet in the lower right corner.Tropical image provided to the artist by the client. The client wanted it to feel like you could walk down the path.
This 18ft stairwell transformed from blue sky to the ocean's bottom.The water's edge is not complete without pelicans soaring overhead.As you descend from the second story, you find yourself on the dunes of the beach.The dunes stretch off into the distance lined with palms.Upon closer examination, the dunes are alive with seaoats and sandpipers.Sandpipers scurry with the tide.After leaving the beach and descending toward the first floor, the scene changes to under the waves.Finally at the bottom, the ocean sand sweeps across the steps with sealife & shells.Fan coral, fire coral, brain coral completes this 18ft tall mural. This mural is located in the entryway of an apartment building.Artist Debbie Davis Karr at work.
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A Rainforest in Florida 8'X12' in a patio & jacuzzi settingTop left area of wallLower left area of wall- the Fox was from a previous mural. The client wanted to keep the Fox.The client grew orchids in their back yard. This was one of their favorites.Front & center edge by the jacuzzi. The borders edge is faux with draping vegetation.Right side of wall. Rocky formations framed the wall.
Land's End Architectural Renderings, Inc.
Debbie Davis Karr
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© Land's End ARI

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There are no bottles, there is no shelf. The client wanted to represent their favorite brands of wines.
Land's End Architectural Renderings, Inc.
Debbie Davis Karr
All art and contents are copyrighted © Land's End ARI
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A set of dolphins
create an underwater sensation
Waves crashing in passed
a rocky jettie
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Art, Murals, Portraits

Art, Murals, Portraits
by Debbie Davis Karr

In the beginning, this wall represented approx. 100 yrs of history. The building is the historical society in Plymouth, WI built in 1876. The ghost image was first painted around 1890-1900. The lettering took some time to decipher.This **photo was taken around 1910 of the same street with the same building. Notice on the right side of the street there appears to be letters showing a sign partially hidden by another building. This is the original image. **Photo from archived files-Sheboygan Historical SocietyA computer rendering of what the old image may have looked like. After further research, the very top lettering is 'Use The Best'.From ground level, the lettering is barely visible. Pressure washing with plain water removed a lot of dirt & debris. The lettering actually become more visible.A scaffolding was erected covering the almost 3 story building. The wall measured 34ft tall. The image had been studied and paint colors were selected based on the pitted brick which still showed the actual colors of the original image.A bird's eye view.Face to face, the small case lettering was over 18" tall. The process to paint was in reverse to the rules of painting the background first & coming forward. We needed to recognize the lettering and then paint the background.The image needed to be restored from it original state. The lettering was not precise in font or spacing to today's rules and we wanted to maintain the actual image.Close up work was tedious and 3 layers of paint was required on the entire wall. My husband Andy is applying the outter banding which was aqua, white & black.The ghost image of insignia on the flour sack was finally deciphered to say 'John H. Ebeling Mlg. Co.' with the lower area of the circle to read 'Green Bay Wis'A computer rendering of the circle insignia on the flour sack. After closer study, the background banding was aqua. Debbie does the detail work on the circle insignia of the flour sack. The lettering was difficult to bring back. Nothing was symmetrical and attempting to match the letter positions to a somewhat 'round' circle became a challenge.A local photographer, Jay Wifler stopped by to take photographs. His color enhancement really made the colors stand out.The final image brought back to life. Local newspapers published the articles about the history behind the image.



For over a year, the Downtown Revitalization Committee & Jerry Thompson of Thrivant Financial worked with Debbie Karr and members of the Plymouth Historical Society to decipher an old ghost image on the side of the Plymouth Historical Society located on Mill Street in the heart of the city. The building was built in 1876 and was undergoing restoration to bring it back to it's original state which was to include the ghost image.

In early 2009, it was finally determined the wall was a sign advertisement for the brand, 'Cream of Wheat Flour'. Further examination revealed that John H. Ebeling Mlg Co of Green Bay WI is the name that appears on the flour sack insignia.

In 2012, I received an email from the grandson of John H. Ebeling & he was pleasantly surprised to see his grandad's flour sign restored. He also mentioned he had a copy of the patent his grandad had for the Cream of Wheat Flour.